Friday 27 July 2012

Renegade Rogue Trader WiP

Evening all!

Just a quick work in progress pic of the leader of my Realm of Chaos warband (see the post of a couple of days ago). I rolled a starting profile of Rogue Trader, she follows Slaanesh and has the Bestial Face and Tail Gifts. Being a Rogue Trader she has access to all manner of wargear, and using the tables in the Rogue Trader rulebook I rolled up a las pistol and power sword as basic kit, plus four digi-weapons, a stasis field, displacer field and all manner of other weird stuff. She's based off of Reaper's Hellborn Sorceress miniature, and the arms and shoulder boards are recently released by Victoria Miniatures.

Next up I need to make her side kick, a renegade Navigator (for which I'll probably use the new plastic Chaos Sorcerer from Citadel) and then two bands of Chaos-worshipping space pirates!

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