Sunday 5 August 2012

Realms of Chaos warband pressgangs more crew

The first of two squads of Space Pirates/Chaos Reavers, plus a Chaos Navigator.


  1. Is it acceptably cricket to ask what bits the pirates are made from?

  2. I'm a gentleman, not a player, so of course it is :-) The legs and torsos are Citadel plastic Chaos Marauders, the arms are plastic Catachans, the guns are old metal Necromunda autoguns (the heavy weapon, counting as a D-Cannon, is from the Mantic Orx) and the heads are from Victoria Miniatures Convicts.

  3. Navigator's head stalk is very cool. Am always down for headstalks.

  4. The crew is shaping up well. Are you going to be playing games with them or are you just building them for the experience?


    1. Cheers mate - I certainly intend to game with them. The plan is to run a Realms of Chaos 40k campaign, complete with insane Chaos Gifts that mean I have to convert champions between games :-)Their enemy will be a Sensei warband, which should be fun.

  5. Damn it, I've decided I no longer like my space pirates and am going to have to get the new Chaos Cultists from the new 40k box set! (it happens...)

  6. Im gutted Im missing this campaign, its the most fun GW game according to me!