Tuesday 25 September 2012

Recent paint jobs... coming to a battle report soon.

Finished quite a bit off today. To be honest these are not my best, rushed them out to get back into painting (not painted anything for months) and very much 'army standard' The 15 fire angels and their commander previously posted are now finished (as with all of them there is the odd bit of stray static grass to blow off before varnishing), the Inquisitor with them is an old paint job but the fire angels were painted to be his retinue. Equally there is an old 'space scum' mini who is in the Inq's retinue as an 'arch militant' type. Outside of that force i've finsihed a *very* old war droid mini to fight alongside my merc force, an old 'Jerry Cornelius' figure who will no doubt enter a game or too as a rogue trader and lastly (and unlikely to grace any battle report) I finished off my Dungeons and Dragons cleric character mini - she's been close to completion for quite some time but needed basing and a few glazes.


  1. Wonderful stuff - I particularly like the Jerry Cornelius figure. Looking forward to the battle report.

  2. Well done - I particularly liked the Jerry Cornelius figure, though the chaps with the beaks are a fearsome bunch.

  3. Gorgeous work - the sheer retro made my computer a year younger just by loading up the images.

    That War Droid is great, no doubt impossible to find.

    - Seb

  4. I was lucky enough to find three of the six 'slocombes war droids' on ebay for about £30 for all three a year ago. I've never seen them for sale before or since. While they are listed on SOL as being 'rt' figures i think they were just part of citadels general sci fi foray of the mid 80s and packaged as RT when they realised they had a massive selling game but not many minis out for it.