Monday 8 June 2015

Some recent additions to my (Gadge's) Rogue Trader collection.

First off my Sensai Knight is doubling as an Imperial Noble of a 'safari on the edge of the imperium' with some loyal retainers in our 'inquisimunda' campaign.

The Graf Von Bek (sensai) takes his siblings Baroness Scarlet and Lord Tode on a hunting trip.  With them a gun servitor (for bagging a brace of orks) which is actually a pre Rogue Trader citadel Robot, A kroot 'native scout' (an unreleased playtest kroot very much in the spirit of citadel sculpts of the 80s) and a second human 'native guide' (this ones an old 'adventurers' range model) who has his own tracking hound (a D&D range 'blink dog' painted to look like my old dog lulu!)

Many of these models i've had painted for a while but the new ones are here.

While I've not done very much painting recently I did manage to finish off a 'Fire Angels' support squad that was lacking a missile launcher i couldnt find anywhere (it had fallen behind a desk).

Also in the spirit of bulking up forces I added a war droid 'combat model' in the same camo  scheme as my previous 'sniper droid' as the two 80s pre RT era war droids are essentially the same pattern, the 'sniper' just has an enlarged torso with some sort of jump pack and a rifle.

Last but not least an old citadel vampire Night Horror that i intend to use as the 'power behind the throne' on a rebel feral world game i'm planning to run for TFTM

(and a Wargames Foundry priest and wolf that got the 'ghost' treatment to practice it before trying it on my 80s citadel ghosts)

Thats all for now.   Later this week I'll post up more pics of the Fire Angels force as quite a few of you seemed to like them.


  1. That vampire is a great model. I like the way the body just merges into the robe. Mysteriously inhuman.

  2. Yeah hes great isnt he. I really struggled to go from flesh blending into black/very dark brown though and i dont think i've really done him justice.

  3. NICE!!! Especially love the heavy weapons squad.