Sunday 13 September 2015

Upcoming Tales from the Maelstrom Rogue Trader participation game

Hello people of Terra!

In late 2012, the scurvy crew of the Tales from the Maelstrom blog (Gadge, Evo and myself) ran a Rogue Trader participation game at the Foundry in Nottingham. The game was great fun and people came from far and wide go take part, so we're thinking of doing it again, this time most likely at Warhammer World.

The basic plan is for us to run one of the random scenarios from the Rogue Trader campaign section, with armies provided by us (an Imperial Army force accompanied by various imperial agents against an Eldar pirate force with Zoat allies). The setting will be a sentient Death World (my favourite Rogue Trader setting as it allows for the use of loads of Death World gribblies!). We'll provide the miniatures, and make sure the two sides are divided into various sub-factions, each with their own (often secret) sub-objectives.

In essence, the plan is to make the battle look like a page from the Rogue Trader rule book, with original miniatures, fitting terrain etc, a real spectacle, all GM'd and played in the spirit of the original game.

So, we have yet to set a date or make any official arrangements but we've been amassing suitable miniatures (many thanks to Steve for the Eldar!). I'm posting this as a heads up and to gauge interest from our followers. We'd love to hear if anyone would be interested in attending so we can get an idea how many tables we'd need etc. I imagine we'd run this some time over the coming winter, perhaps even during the Christmas holidays to ensure everyone that wants to attend is free and has plenty of time to get clearance from their own events managers :-)

Any comments please fire away!


  1. Providing the timing is right and my 'events manager' and her little helpers are suitably looked after then I'd certainly be up for it.

  2. December might be possible if I'm in the country as my local event manager has a pretty busy schedule herself!

  3. Would like to attend depending on timings :-)