Monday 26 January 2009

The Horizon Grows Dark!

It would appear that Jeriko Reach is about to receive more unwelcome attention. Do you fear the wild lands? Well you should, as you might bump into this one monster gang!

The lead creature of the hive mind is slowly assessing the potential of the planet for the Hive's needs and what their alien minds will decide nobody knows.


  1. That'll be a 'one-monster gang' because using the 2nd edition 40k rules its capable of wiping out a 1000 gang rating Necromunda gang all on its own!

    Looking forward to facing it...

  2. two_heads_talking29 January 2009 at 21:04

    Let's see, with this and some of the markings on teh buildings and a few abilities by some of the psykers on this planet and we are getting closer and closer to uncoving a genestealer cult? I think we are.. We just need to see a 2nd or 3rd generation stealer/human and it's over.

  3. There are dark clouds on the Horizon, there will be a report of Lictor activity very soon!