Friday 2 January 2009

New Vehicle WiP

Have some pics of a half track thats been built for Jeriko Reach. It just needs some extra stowage and a few alterations before painting and we're away. Just as a point of interest, the Henries' truck is currently being painted and I will post pics of that when complete.


  1. Nice! It works really well as a halftrack and the turret makes it obviously 40k.

  2. Sweet armored vehicle. Would you be able to list where you get certain parts from when building these (from a Leman Russ kit, from a 1/48 Tiger II, from a Star Wars AT-ST, etc.).

  3. The turret is from a FW Exterminator L/Russ, and the tracks are from the Earthshaker carriage. The front wheels are the old GW large buggy wheels, and unfortunately I have no idea where to get them any more, if you know then please tell as I need at least on more pair! I have also used FW vehicle accessories and plastic L/Russ crew rolls on the hull to make it look more GW. The main hull piece is a Kryomek Nexus Scarab which I picked up at Spirit Games. It's relatively easy to build up as the pieces fit well together, and I will have pics up as soon as I weather it down.