Thursday 22 January 2009

Drake modelling update

Here's some new conversions for Patrol Drake. Most of them have headgear appropriate to the desert terrain and native culture of Jeriko Reach, inspired by British special forces in the African campaigns of WW2.

Most of them have IR goggles, which are taken from the plastic Space Marine Scouts kit. As well as looking cool, these serve a use in a tactic I've been trying out, to varying degrees of success, involving the grenadier laying down a smoke screen, which the marksmen with IR gear can fire through. I've added a touch of green to the desert camo, which is appropriate to the terrain, and I was inspired by a picture of a new hybrid DPM the British Army is trialing which adds small green patches to the desert DPM.

A Sniper, made from the Catachan Sniper model, with extra bits and peices such as Cadian shoulder pads, ammo pouches etc.
A signaller, made from various Cadian and Catachan bits, plus a Tallarn head. I gave him the carbine lasgun after reading an Osprey book on the Indonesian Confrontation, which showed a signaller carrying a sten while the rest of his section carried SLRs or M-16s.

A new version of Corporal Drake, equipped with the power fist the patrol picked up from the quartermaster's stores some time back.
A new version of Specialist Falk, who was previously equipped with a missile launcher. He never once hit anything with his old weapon, so was given something with a higher rate of fire. The conversion took three goes to get right, and the final version shown here uses the legs from a metal Catachan officer, arms and weapons from a Space Marine Scout, head from a Tallarn and various other bits. Of course, he was wounded and subsequently died after the first game I used him in! Never mind, he'll make an appearance as a new character.


  1. two_heads_talking23 January 2009 at 12:48

    very nice work mate. I especially love the heavy bolter work. It's much easier now to give a model a heavy bolter. Back in the day, I had to use an SOB heavy bolter and put it on space marine scout.. both being metal, it was a bit harder..

    Too bad he died before you got any use from him.

    I love the Drake model too.. very nice.. Kudos for a great job.

  2. Thanks mate - the heavy bolter was a pain to get right, but once I found some SM scout sprue spares it was sorted out fa easier than metals!

  3. I really enjoyed seeing them in action, just seeing how they dealt with all the trouble coming their way! The gang looks cohesive, and reflects well the fact they are a military unit.

  4. I am quite new for NECROMUNDA SERIES and thank you guys for giving me so much inspiration to create my private military contractors like gang with some trial conversion of JEANS, CAP, AK47, AK47SU,AK74 and RPK etc. Thanks