Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Archo Logist Dissapearance

+++++Intercepted Communication #Planet Jeriko Reach#+++++

+++Intelligence Report #DELETED#+++

Colonel #DELETED#,

Regarding the disappearance of the Archo Logist Clara Toft on the planet#DELETED#, in system Intelligence pict feeds have picked up the presence of two disconcerting anomalies. The first is the presence of a chaos cult which appears to be lead by an #DELETED# Marine whose intentions cannot be good for this system. The second being the presence of a Tyranid #DELETED# which can only mean that the Vanguard of a possible #DELETED# is on its way, possibly due to the ongoing #DELETED# on Jeriko Reach.

From what we have seen on the remarkably clear picts are Adept Tofts guards encountering the Warband from the East, and being entirely ineffective. Adept Toft is seen entering the Western most of the two domes, and being initially ignored by the #DELETED# Marine leader who entered the East dome. It is at this point that one of the anomalous auspex readings coalesced into the form of a #DELETED# which immediately took out two of the cultists before disappearing into the dome the #DELETED# Marine had gone into.

This left the cultists in some shock, but after a short time one of them was observed entering the second dome and out of sight. This was shortly followed by the emergence of the now injured #DELETED#, which sprinted to the West dome. Not fast enough to avoid fire from the cultists, who had crowded around the East entrance awaiting the emergence of their leader. This resulted in more visible injuries to the #DELETED#, even as it raced into the second dome.

It would appear that Adept Toft was captured as she raced from the West dome as the Cultists morale broke and they started to fall back. Perhaps sensing weakness the #DELETED# charged out of the dome, and straight into a solid wall of fire which left it writhing on the ground. This allowed the cultist to collect their wounded and retreat in good order. Some time later the #DELETED# was seen to move off, and out of pict range.

+++End of Intecept+++

My Lord, this presents two new threats to #DELETED#, and this station is already feeling the effects with transmissions reduced to 57% efficiency. The presence of such forces as


+++#Transmission Ends#+++


  1. I really like the story telling and the pictures make it really fun to read. I really like the use of the old confrontation gangers. Good stuff.

  2. Just so you know, the pictures in this post no longer work, which is a shame. I'm quite enjoying your blog so far, as I read through it. I've got a bunch of questions about the structure of your games, but I'll save them until I'm at least in the same year as you.

  3. Sorry about that, I guess those ones were hosted off site, while we upload most directly now. Please feel free to ask any question you like, we're always happy to help :-)