Saturday 18 April 2009

Rogue Trader

This is a conversin I've had in mind for quite a while and I've just finished. It's a character for the campaign, representing a Rogue Trader. The model is based around the Kal Jericho miniature, with the head from Sergent Telion, right arm from the Macragge pilot, left arm from a Space Marine and various other bits and pieces.

Might start on his bridge crew next!


  1. Hi!

    Nice work on the Rogue Trader there! Cant wait to see a deck crew (A guild navigator would be good!)

  2. Thanks mate. I made a Navigator, but he looks tiny next to this guys as the Kal Jeriko miniature is slightly over sized. I may get hold of one of the Forge World Tau Air Caste pilots and change the head, hands and feet, for that tall, thin look I associate with Navigators.

  3. Its a shame he didnt turn out but it will be interesting to see what you come up with using the Tau as a conversion (the proportions are about correct as hes essentially a tall, skinny bald type!)

    I may have to rummage out my copy of Rogue Trader and have a go at building a couple of small forces (alas I just dont like the newer GW miniatures although its miles better technically, the just seem to lack the character of the older stuff!)

    As Im more of a painter than a gamer these days IT doesnt bother me too much if I use non GW miniatures!

    Best of luck with the ongoing conversions!

  4. two_heads_talking28 April 2009 at 16:57

    I'm impressed. That's a hot looking Rogue Trader there. What gave you the inspiration to make a new one?

  5. I agree Lt.Brittan, I much prefer pre 1990 RT minis.

    I've recently painted a lot more.