Saturday 18 April 2009

Wasteland scavenger hab

This is a piece of terrain I finished a week or two back. It represents a scavenger hab out in the wastes, made from the wreck of a Space Marine Drop Pod. The idea is there's a mass drop site from the war, scattered with wreckage, and the wasteland savages have moved in. To make it look like the scavenged drop pod is left over from a botched drop, its mounted in a crater.
I added lots of bits a pieces from my bits box (as well as trading bits with other people). The skull over the hatch is from the Ogre Kingdoms set, making it appear that a bunch of savage scavengers have moved in.
If I can get enough parts together I plan to make a small settlement of these, as if the scavengers have moved in on the site of a whole drop which went very wrong. The settlement would have to be called...wait for it...Bad Landing!


  1. Ohh, dear! Great piece of terrain though, I'll get myself sorted and finish off the 'drop bunkers' I'm working on.

  2. two_heads_talking28 April 2009 at 16:58

    very nice. Very simple but very well done.


  3. What a great piece, I may have to steal that idea myself!

  4. Please do, just make sure to post a pic on EF!

  5. Indeed...although I spend less and less time there...