Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Havildar Major

Here's a simple conversion I've been meaning to do for ages, and have just got around to. It's a Citadel Vostroyan, with one of the turbaned sci-fi heads from Ramshackle Games. I wanted to create the look of a 40k version of an Indian Army NCO (a 'Havildar Major' for example). I'll probably use him as an Inquisitor's sidekick, and may convert up a whole squad in the same way to accompany him. To get the Indian Army during the Empire period look, I may even get hold of a Praetorian and have him leading them!


  1. Love it! Great conversion, would love to see a squad like that.

  2. Thanks mate - hopefully I will do a whole squad eventually. The rest of the heads in the set all have gas masks on in addition to their turbans, which would look really cool.

  3. Great conversion :) I saw it earlier on, then came back to check for updates, ended up caving and buying a pack of the heads, plus some of the pith helmet ones. I'd been looking for something similar since seeing the Native Defence Force troopers on the Jeriko Reach blog :)