Sunday, 8 November 2009

The Jungle is (not quite) Massive

Here's a shot of the jungle I've been making. These are all multi-purpose jungle sections, just placed on a desert board with a scav-hab to set the scene. The next batch I do will have Slann relics and carnivorous plants all over the place!


  1. Carnivorous plants are always fun, can't wait to see some of those thrown down.

  2. Certainly are! I have a bunch of these ready to add to the next batch of jungle terrain...

  3. Looking good! The jungle doesnt really need to be massive anyway. Although it can look great, a dense number of tree bases crosses the line from aesthetically pleasing and practical to realistic and unusable pretty fast I think. But I am sure that you already know that :)

    It also only takes a handful of interesting and characterful plants (like the cool Ramshackle ones) to alien-ify a jungle. It tends to be well worth the effort for giving that 1960's Star Trek look I think.

    The drop pod/hovel nestled in the crater looks great.

  4. Thanks mate! Agree on the issue of the practicality of the jungle - in point of fact, we were playing with the new pieces today (battle report to follow) and those plants do have a habit of snagging the camera sling. One way to give the impression of a really dense jungle is to pile loads of trees along the edge that gets used the least (preferably next to a wall).