Monday 13 September 2010

Maelstrom Marines Musing. Opinions sought....

Right chaps, i've got about 30 or so RT space marines due for a paint job.

I've narrowed it down to a few ideas but would appreciate views from those of you who dig what we do.

Essentially i like old school marine paint jobs and i love marines in camo... I also 'got into' 40k with the old badad war spread in White Dwarf 101 - so much so i once wrote an entire campaign weekend based on it. So i really want a chapter from the Badab war.

I like the idea of space borne chapters so one idea was Space Sharks or Fire Angels... both have regular variants and a cool camo version to add some variety.

My number once choice would be lamenters but i'm still struggling painting large blocks of yellow and I think the shoulder pad would be a nightmare on 30 minis... however i do adore the concept and background of the lamenters.

A recent thought was the mantis warriors, again space born, again with a regular scheme and a camo variant... i also like the fact they seem to be a renegade jungle fighting chapter and woudl make great opponents for the swamp tigers.

So people thoughts?


  1. have u seen the bell of lost souls badab war play-aid?
    i've got some space sharks and other badab stuff on my blog.
    be sure to check out the fly lords of terra blog as well for lots of badab stuff
    there's lots of "how to paint yellow space marines" stuff out there. if you are interested in dipping check out the hogs of war.

  2. Cool stuff, colonel kane showed me the bell of souls stuff a while back.

    This is what I wrote some time ago... in fact it was probably my swan song for GW ;)

    I think I'm going to go for quite a mustard yellow rather than a banana yellow, a bit like the shade i've used on the swamp tigers stripes if i go for lamenters or camo mantis or sharks.

  3. i've got some camo sharks, iyanden darksun is win. i used a liquid paint mask for the camo stripes.

  4. dude that pdf is pretty much why i started a "crusade" sm army when i got back into the hobby.

    mucho gracias.

  5. I am partial to the vine themed camo of the Space Sharks.

    I'd suggest using a yellow ochre as the base color, which is similar to the mustard yellow but lacks the orange hue.


  6. No problems Tristan, that campaign pack was a pleasure to write... annoyingly I no longer have a PDF of it and I've not paying 'scribed' to download my own copy ;)

    Big Jim: Actually i tend to use foundry ochre as a yellow base so I know exactly what you mean. I usually use a black undercoat but have been experimenting with white lately. I just painted a old 'famliliar' model as a generic alien beastie and the green that came out on his fur seems to look good for a Mantis Warriors green so thats given me even more reason to be indecisive...

  7. Here this green shade on the fur, the face shade is what i usually use for ork types.

  8. send an email to my blogger profile email and i think i can send you the pdf. sure i have it saved somewhere.

  9. Have you thought about using the yellow Citadel wash over a white base?

  10. Its very neon though isnt it. My thoughts were to mirror what i used on the agri scenery.

    Gryphonne sepia over either foundry yellow over white undercoat for lamenters or over foundry ochre for one of the cam schemes.

    Foundry phleghm green light with a green wash seems to work for mantis warriors.

    I found five old plastic RT marines yesterday so i think i'm going to do a test piece of each of the ones i like (minus grey space sharks as i know i can do that) and see what i like best.