Saturday 18 September 2010

Rogue Trader RPG Voidmaster

Just finished this miniature (literally, sorry about the glare on the wet paint on the base!). He's my character in the Rogue Trader RPG, a 'Voidmaster', which is character class specialising in anything to do with the running of a starship (could be the master helmsman, gunner, sensor guy, anything like that).

He's converted using the legs from a servitor, torso from a Catachan heavy weapon crew (with greenstuff piping and raggy coat sleeves), the left arm from the original servitor, right from the Catachan command squad set, shoulder pads from Mongoose Judge Dredd Street Punks, a resin Forge World head and the hat is from a Privateer Press mercenary Warcaster - so quite a rummage in the bits box for that lot!


  1. That is one heck of an impressive conversion, Colonel. Your work continues to blow me away. I always wanted to be able to look at disparate parts and see how they might make an awesome conversion, but I seem to have been born without that knack.

    How are you liking the new Rogue Trader RPG? It seems great, but I haven't found a group for it yet.

  2. Thanks Shane, that's really kind of you! I have a vague plan to try to recreate all of the character classes from the 40k RPGs, converting minis inspired by the artwork. This one is vague inspired by the character art in the RT rulebook, though the end result is still my own.

    In terms of the RT rpg, I am indeed liking it, but I have to declare an interest though as I've done some writing for it ;-)