Tuesday 14 September 2010

An alien gribly

A ten minute paint of one of the old familiar models.

I'm going to try and track down a few more of these to make a pack of them.

regrettably the citadel archive familiar packs you can buy dont have this one in them...


I'm leaving basing him until i've a batch of minis to do.


  1. Nice one mate! I've got a bunch of the next size down round slotta bases if you'd like one, as tiny minis like this can look a bit swamped on the standard ones.

  2. Yeah i could do with loads of those tbh

  3. This is brilliant!

    Y'know, that familiar pack GW did put out is an utter bargain. Not that the eBay prices of those familiars has noticeably fallen.

  4. Indeed I intend to buy both the packs as several of the minis in them will make excellent small aliens.