Thursday 26 June 2008

Firefight at Asakhim Valley


On this day a patrol from A Company led by Corporal Drake encountered a small force of Betheljinn hilltribe fighters at the head of the Asakhim Valley in an area strewn with wreckage from the war, and heavy in naturally formed craters. The tribesmen were obviously hostile, and a firefight ensued. Drake’s patrol repelled the enemy with no serious injuries suffered by his force.

Although the contact was barely noteworthy in scale, it brought a serious concern to the fore. The same leader faced during Drake’s rescue at the New Minehead mining enclave accompanied the enemy. This individual is undoubtedly touched by the warp, and appears to in possession of prodigious witch powers.

During the battle, both sides had to be wary of the native fauna, notable a Jeriko belching toad and a pair of stragglehoofs. One of the later actually attacked and seriously wounded a tribesman during the fight. Drake reports that the enemy leader then exerted some form of mind control on the stragglehoof in an effort to steer it away from his men.

The enemy put up a sterling fight before withdrawing in good order. Drake’s patrol paused to regroup and treat what injuries had been suffered, before continuing the patrol of the Asakhim valley. The remainder of B platoon is standing to as a rapid reaction force should Drake encounter greater numbers of the enemy further up the valley.

The Emperor Protects

Addendum to report: During the night Drake reported a sighting of what may be an Eldar vessel passing low over the Asakhim-Narawa Pass. Staff meeting to be convened.



  1. two_heads_talking27 June 2008 at 17:36

    I love the terrain. Can you comment on the many different pieces you have used? I think I recognize some of them as GW terrain, but many others either look hand crafter or purchased elsewhere.

  2. Hey mate. The board is just insulation foam coated in sand. The hills are GW's plastic modular gaming hills, the craters are GW too. The trees are just aquarium plants mounted on foam card bases. The buildings are handmade, inspired by ones made by the GW studio hobby team. I'm in the process of making some 40k style middle-eastern buildings, from foamcard with bits from the Cities of Death buildings on them. We also have a range of smaller bits and pieces from all over the place, such as the earthenware amphora jugs, from Amazon Miniatures, market items from Crocodile Games etc. There's also the power fence bits from the 40k Battle for Macragge set and a few Forge World items too, such as as the Condensors. Hope that helps!

  3. two_heads_talking1 July 2008 at 15:19

    wow, you really have done a great job on your terrain.

    Are there any plans for some "How to" posts?

    Such as when you do the "Middle Eastern" buildings?

    Also, would you mind including links to the sights that you frequent or at least that you used for this scenario?

  4. Thanks mate

    We may we do some 'how to' articles if enough people are watching! There's a few links to the side, and we'll add more.