Sunday 1 June 2008

House rules

Here are some of the house rules we've used so far.

Messy Death: Inspired by the WW2 skirmish game 'Operation Overlord', we decided that when a model killed by a high impact weapon (Str 7+) goes out of action, all friendly models within 6" (rather than the normal 2") should take a Leadership test. Furthermore, that model doesn't get to roll on the Serious Injuries table after the game - he's dead Jim!

Pinned: we reckon a target that's just ducked for cover would be harder to hit. Therefore, shooting at a Pinned model is at a further -1 to hit.


  1. And dont forget a leadership test to take cover where the corpse is as its like a butcher's bin...

  2. Reminds me - we'll have to make casualty markers for that.

  3. two heads talking4 June 2008 at 16:47

    I really like the str7 "he's dead jim" rule. it's only appropriate.

  4. Few more come up today...
    +1 Ammo roll if a heavy weapon has an assistant gunner in base contact when an ammo roll is failed (or could just re-roll the 6, still counting it as a hit.)
    Using the Rogue Trader psyker rules, psykers use the Necromunda Perils of the Warp test once their psi-points are below their Willpower and they have to start testing to use powers.