Sunday 1 June 2008

Campaign background intro

The world of Jeriko Reach is situated on the galaxy’s northern rim, far from any strategically important worlds. Half a century ago, the planet, and the entire sector was ravaged by war as one after the other, the region’s worlds arose in outright rebellion. The Imperium’s response, though slow to mobilise, was brutal. The rebellions were put down in a crusade that lasted two decades and claimed the lives of billions. Jeriko Reach was just one battleground in this terrible war, and although decades have passed, the arid wastes are still littered with the remains of rusty warmachines and bones long bleached by the sun.

In the war’s aftermath, a small Imperial Guard battlegroup was posted to Jeriko Reach. This force was given the task of guarding against future uprisings against the rule of the Imperium. Although the garrison receives intermittent resupply, its commanders are largely left to prosecute this mission as they see fit.

Despite being so far removed from the Imperium’s interests, Jeriko Reach is an interesting place. Indentured workers mine the world’s only exportable asset – an ore used in the production of bulk plasma transmission systems. Salvagers and looters too are attracted to Jeriko Reach, drawn by the detritus of war to be found in the wastes. It is even rumoured that an intact, abandoned titan still stands, immobile, out there somewhere in the cratered wastes.

The world’s native population generally despise all outsiders, and the feeling is generally mutual. The garrison has its hands full maintaining what peace there is, periodically conducting punitive strikes against recalcitrant tribal leaders.

But now, those tribes are uniting, and the formally random attacks on the garrison’s patrols are becoming increasingly coordinated, and lethal. Some new influence is at play, and the Imperial Guard must face it alone…

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